Zvi Ben-Avraham Heads Drilling of Dead Sea To Uncover History Secrets

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Zvi Ben-Avraham of the Israel Academy of Sciences heads a team of engineers and scientists into drilling into the bed of the Dead Sea, international news sites reported on Thursday. The team hopes to uncover half a million years of history to reveal the secrets of natural disasters and climate change. The project aims to study the layers of sediment left behind beneath the lowest part of the Earth to read clues about seismic activity, climate changes and shifting weather patterns.

Zvi Ben-Avraham
Photo Credit: REUTERS/Baz Ratner

“The sediments of the Dead Sea are the best climate and earthquake recorders for the entire Middle East,” Zvi Ben-Avraham was quoted saying.

The Dead Sea collects water run-off from Egypt‘s Sinai desert up to the Golan Heights, an area of about 42,000 square km, providing plenty of material for climate research, Ben-Avraham added.

Members of the Dead Sea project include people from around the world, including Jordan and Palestinian authority. The drilling location is within the Israel‘s border.

In a joint statement, Zvi Ben-Avraham and Moti Stein of the Israel Geological Survey said: “We believe that the results of this project will have vast implications in the fields of science and environment and will shed light on new natural resources.”

The group was reported to continue drilling for about two months until they reach a depth of 1,200 meters below sea level.

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