Zerg Rush: Google Turns Search Result Page Into Game

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A new easter egg has been released by Google, in which googling “zerg rush” will turn the search result page into a game, international news sites reported on Friday, April 27, 2012.

On the “zerg rush game”, letter Os appear from the top, sideways and below after googling the word “zerg rush,” as shown below. The letter Os will then try to gobble up the search results.

Zerg Rush Screenshot
Zerg Rush Screenshot
Credit: Google

To fight the Os, the user can click them one by one until they are eliminated. Google keeps track of the hit count, showing how many Os have been defeated and the average rate per minute.

At the end of the game when all of the search results have been gobbled up by the Os, two Gs will appear on the screen with the total score at the top, in which the user has the option to share it on Google+.

The term “zerg rush” was said to be a tactic from the game Starcraft.

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