YouTube to shut down starting April 1, 2013, but will be back online in 2023 (Video)

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Read YouTube shutdown prank video for April Fools’ Day 2013 receives mixed reactions

YouTube will shut down starting this Monday, April 1, 2013, and will not accept new videos beginning the said date. In addition, the online video platform announced that a winner for the best YouTube video will be chosen by their 30,000 technicians, which will be revealed in 2023, or ten years later.

YouTube 2023 relaunch

YouTube 2023 relaunch preparation
Image Credit: YouTube screengrab

Yes, folks. YouTube announced on their video, as shown below that after 8 years, they decided to shut down the company, at least for a decade, and promised to be back online in 2023. The best YouTube video winner will be picked by a team of judges, which include film critics, and some YouTube commenters.

“We’ve been thrilled with all of the diverse, creative entries we’ve seen so far, and we can’t wait to begin the process of selecting the best video. We’ll be announcing the winner in 10 years.” A statement by YouTube reads on the description of their video.

“We are so close to the end tonight at midnight. will no longer be accepting entries. After eight amazing years, it’s finally time to review everything that has been uploaded to our site and begin the process of selecting a winner.” YouTube communications director Tom Liston said in the video.

According to YouTube, the winner will receive an MP3 player and a $500 creative stipend for their next creative endeavor. YouTube celebrities, including Charlie from “Charlie bit my Finger” and Antoine Dodson of “Antoine Dodson News Blooper (Original)” are among the celebrity judges.

“We are all storytellers — that is what pulled me into this contest. I encourage everybody to watch as many videos as possible before YouTube deletes everything tonight.” Dodson said, who is also known for the viral “Bed Intruder” Auto-Tune video. A preparation for the re-launch of YouTube in 2023 is also shown in the video.

However, there are three facts that are very clear. First, YouTube has not announced earlier that there is a contest going on. Second, YouTube did not mention the reason why they are shutting down the company. Third, and the most important fact, April 1, 2013 is April Fools’ Day. Now, have you been fooled? Well, this YouTube shutdown prank should be a good one.

YouTube shutting down announcement
Video Credit: YouTube

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