YouTube face blurring feature launched, to hide identities of people on video

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Google launched on Wednesday, July 18, 2012 its YouTube face blurring feature, where the user can hide the identities of people on the video by covering their faces, particularly in the case of protesters and little children. A sample of the effect of the feature was made available below.

As announced at the official YouTube blog that day, its face blurring feature is a new tool that allows users to obscure faces within videos with the click of a button, and that YouTube is among the first video-sharing site to offer such option.

“Visual anonymity in video allows people to share personal footage more widely and to speak out when they otherwise may not,” YouTube policy associate Amanda Conway wrote in the blog post, noting that citizens continue to play a critical role in supplying news and human rights footage from around the world.

“Because human rights footage, in particular, opens up new risks to the people posting videos and to those filmed, it’s important to keep in mind other ways to protect yourself and the people in your videos.” Conway added.

To use this YouTube face blurring feature, users are being advised to visit Video Enhancements tool and go to Additional Features and then click the “Apply” button below Blur All Faces. The edited video can be previewed so that the user can view the effect of the changes before he publishes the video.

After saving the changes on the video, a new copy is created with the blurred faces, and the user has an option to delete the original video or not; with YouTube noting that is emerging technology, there may be some difficulties when detecting faces depending on the angle, lighting, obstructions, and video quality.

YouTube face blurring feature sample
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