Youtube Blocked In Egypt For 30 Days, Cairo Court Ordered

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Youtube was blocked for 30 days in Egypt for hosting an offensive trailer of an anti-Islam film that caused violent reactions across the world, several news sites reported on Sunday, February 10, 2013.


Credit: Youtube

According to reports, Judge Hassouna Tawfiq ordered the blocking of Youtube for carrying the Innocence of Muslims, a film which he described as “offensive to Islam and the Prophet (Muhammad).”

The ruling was made in Cairo, the country’s capital, where the first protest against the film erupted.

Reports said that the ruling can still be appealed. However, Google, the parent company of Youtube, reportedly said in a statement that they had not received any notice from the judge or any government related to this matter.

There is no information yet on how Egypt will enforce the ban. Some reports said that Youtube is still accessible in Egypt at the time of this writing.

The trailer for the Innocence of Muslims portrays Muhammad as womanizer, a religious fraud and a ped0phile. It was produced by an Egyptian-born Christian who is now a U.S. citizen, reports said.

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