Yemen’s Embattled President Agrees To Step Down in 30 Days

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SANAA, Yemen – CNN reported on Saturday, April 23, that Yemen’s embattled president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, agrees to step down in 30 days. He agrees to step down in exchange for immunity from prosecution as mention in the GCC mediation plan.

Authority over Yemen will be handed over to his vice president one month after signing the proposal as part of GCC mediation plan.

Ali Abdullah Saleh will appoint an opposition leader to lead an interim cabinet to prepare for presidential election two months after signing. Fifty per cent of the cabinet seats will be given to the ruling party and 40 per cent to the opposition while the rest would to independents.

Mohammed Kahtan, spokesman of Joint Meeting Parties (JMP)on , a six-party coalition from the opposition, says that the plan has been welcomed by the main opposition coalition.

Meanwhile, the youths at the protest squares rejected the GCC mediation plan and said they would not welcome any mediation plans that do not mandate the immediate departure of Mr Saleh.

It is estimated that 90 per cent of businesses and government institutions, including schools and universities, closes as a form of support to call for a general strike and acts of civil disobedience in Aden.

The general strike also took place in the cities of Lahj, Taiz and Ibb.

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