Yankees Logo Lawsuit: Tanit Buday Sues New York Yankees for Trademark Infringement

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Yankees Logo
New York Yankees Logo
Image Credit: New York Yankees

A Yonkers, New York woman is suing the New York Yankees for trademark infringement, several international news sites reported on Thursday.

According to reports, Tanit Buday is claiming that her uncle Kenneth Timur created the Yankees top hat logo but never got paid for his work.

Buday said that her uncle was a graphic designer commissioned in 1936 to create the Yankees logo. Timur created a logo which showed a top hat and a bat similar to the one now used by the Yankees.

Buday claimed that the logo has Timur‘s established signature “P” which also appeared on his other artwork.

New York Yankees spokesperson, Alice McGillion said that they have not received the lawsuit yet.

“This is a wonderful country where anybody can sue for anything, even when the allegations are over 70 years old,” McGillion was quoted saying.

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