Xbox 360 Live to add new features on November 1

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Xbox 360 Live announced that it will add new features on November 1, 2010, as shown in the screenshot below.

According to Xbox, there will be a mandatory service update that will add new features and improve its interface, navigation, and responsiveness.

Starting November 1, 2010, Xbox users will receive a notification that Xbox Live will be available once the Xbox 360 Live console is started.

But if the update will not be accepted, users will not be able to connect with Xbox Live, according to the announcement.

Users, however, can still use all of the offline features of the Xbox 360 console.

According to Xbox, the update time may require 5 and 10 minutes to be completed, and Xbox 360 console cannot be used while the update is processing.

After the update is complete, Xbox 360 will restart as usual and a change Xbox LIVE Dashboard layout will be noticed, including new color scheme and new fonts.

For more details and information, Xbox fanatics are being invited to visit Xbox Support or its official website at

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