X-Men: First Class, Now Showing in Theaters, Adjudged as the Best of the Four X-Men Films

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Kevin Bacon & Emma Frost “Diamond” Statue
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X-Men: First Class is now showing in theaters as revealed by entertainment news sites, June 3, 2011.

The latest film is adjudged by viewers as the best of the X-Men series because “It’s fancier,” according to Zoe Kravitz who acts as Angel in the film. Kravitz also mentioned how

“everyone wanted to make a good film.”

The new cast too has given a new perspective to the characters of X-Men: First Class prequel.

A trailer of the movie was released in February featuring the cast, which is composed of Zoe Kravitz as Angel, James McAvoy as Charles, Edi Gathegi as Darwin and more talented actors with the likes of Kevin Bacon and Lucas Till.

Further reports disclosed that Hao Wu, the artist, has created Emma Frost as the first picture in the X-Men collection of arts.

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