“X-Men: First Class” leads Box Office, made $56 million but lowest among the last three X-Men films

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The film “X-Men: First Class” led the Box Office over the weekend, but was said to be the lowest income earner among the last three “X-Men” films.

X-Men: First Class cast on New York Premiere
(May 25, 2011)

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As noted at Los Angeles Times on Monday, June 6, “X-Men: First Class” top the weekend box-office tally and its studio 20th Century Fox estimated a $56-million earning in the US and $64 million in overseas.

According to reports, this fifth X-Men movie series had the second to the lowest debut income as the 2009 film X-Men Origins: Wolverine reportedly made $85 million on its first week.

Meanwhile, the first X-Men movie reportedly made $54.5 million on its first week and was released in 2000 but made a worldwide total of $296.3 million and was the ninth top-grosser film of that year.

On the other hand, X-2, the second X-Men film which was released in 2003 earned $85.5 million on its first week, and made a total of $407 million, which was said to be three times its production budget.

In 2006, X-Men: The Last Stand earned $102.7 million in its opening weekend and was the highest earner among the X-Men movie series, which made $459.3 million worldwide.

Nevertheless, “X-Men: First Class” beat last week’s box-office hit “The Hangover: Part II“, which made $32.4 million, as it had only earned a $186.9 million on its ten days of showing.

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