WWII Postcard Arrives In New York, 70 years After It Was Mailed

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WWII Postcard Arrives

WWII Postcard Arrives
Image Credit:The Star-Gazette,Jennifer Kingsley/AP Photo

A WWII postcard arrives at a New York home, 70 years after it was mailed, according to reports by several international news sites, November 24, 2012.

Based on reports, the postcard was sent on July 4, 1943 to Pauline and Theresa Leisenring of Elmira, New York. Their parents, who were visiting their brother at Camp Grant in Illinois, mailed it.

The 1943 postcard reads:

“Dear Pauline and Theresa, We arrived safe, had a good trip, but we were good and tired. Geo. looks good, we all went out to dinner today (Sunday). Now we are in the park. Geo has to go back to Grant at 12 o’clock tonight. Do not see much of him. We are going to make pancakes for Geo for supper tonight. See you soon. Love Mother, Dad.”

However, recent reports mentioned that Pauline and Theresa passed away decades ago, so they were not able to see the postcard.

In addition, reports said the postcard might have been found by someone outside the postal service and placed in the mail.

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