WWE Clothes, Costumes Or Apparels Are Not Prohibited At Connecticut Polls

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Vincent McMahonThe controversy began from news media reports over the weekend that Connecticut Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz had advised election moderators that they could tell voters wearing the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) garb to cover it up or leave and change their clothing. This is because Linda McMahon, the wife of WWE Chairman Vincent McMahon is a senatorial candidate. She was president of the WWE, but she resigned to campaign.

Because of this, Vincent McMahon sued the state of Connecticut. He wants election workers to refrain from telling WWE fans to remove or cover their memorabilia.

Last Wednesday, US District Judge Janet Bond Arterton ruled in favor of McMahon as published on several online news reports. She ordered that no one be barred from wearing clothing or paraphernalia related to WWE to the polls. Arterton ruled that election officials “shall not apply the election laws of the state of Connecticut to prohibit Plaintiff and other voters from wearing WWE clothing, paraphernalia or merchandise within 75 feet of polling places on November 2, 2010.”

However, Bysiewicz denied the news media reports and issued her own clarification telling that she was misunderstood.

“In preparing for this election, be advised that it is the position of this office that simply wearing WWE apparel at the polls, including apparel with the trade name or logo of the WWE or the name or photograph of any WWE entertainer that does not display the name or photograph of Linda McMahon, U.S. Senate candidate, or the name or logo of Ms. McMahon‘s campaign does not trigger a violation,” Bysiewicz said in a statement.

McMachon is very pleased with the decision. “I am pleased that Connecticut voters have had their freedom of expression to wear WWE merchandise and their right to vote restored,” McMahon said in a statement.

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