Wrong kidney transplant made to USC University Hospital patient

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A wrong kidney transplant was made to a patient in a hospital in Los Angeles last month, which prompted its voluntary shutdown, as reported at LA Times on Thursday.

Anatomy of a Kidney
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According to the report, the USC University Hospital had temporary stopped kidney transplant operation starting January 29, 2011, after a wrong kidney was accidentally transplanted to one of its patients.

“Our packaging and documentation was accurate,” OneLegacy chief executive Thomas Mone told LA Times, which is a program coordinates organ transplants in Los Angeles.

“Presumably, this was ‘human error’ at the hospital.” He added, as reports revealed that there were two kidneys from different donors that arrived at the hospital on that day and at the same time, in which it was believed that they could have been interchanged.

The hospital did not disclose additional information, but confirmed that the patient who got the wrong kidney was safe, after a blood sample test was made to him.

Apparently, the ‘cross-match’ test showed that the wrong kidney is still an acceptable match and that the kidney donor has an ‘O’ blood type, which is accepted universally. But if it did not, it could have been a serious problem.

Meanwhile, the ‘correct’ kidney was transplanted to a patient in another hospital and the ‘correct’ patient received another kidney a few days later.

With this, the state’s Department of Public Health and the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) made thorough investigations, but no findings has been released as of this writing.

Nevertheless, the kidney transplant program was said to be resumed on Friday, where UNOS noted that as of February 11, there are 508 patients at the USC University Hospital waiting for kidneys, composed of 313 men and 195 women.

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