World’s Ugliest Dog 2012 contest winner is Mugly from UK (Video)

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A Chinese Crested pooch named Mugly was voted as the world’s ugliest dog of 2012 on Friday, June 22, 2012, beating 28 other dog contenders around the world, as shown in the video below, which was held at Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma, California, with the fair running until Sunday, June 24.

Mugly, who won as World’s Ugliest Dog 2012
Image Credit: Sonoma-Marin Fair video

According to Sonoma-Marin Fair on its official website that day, Mugly is 8 years old from the United Kingdom and is being owned by Bev Nicholson; and received a trophy and $1,000 in prize money, with the annual world’s ugliest dog contest now on its 24th year.

In addition, Mugly also receives a photo shoot from Nuena Photography, a VIP stay at the Sheraton Petaluma, and one year supply of the dog cookies, Doggie Dollar$; and was chosen by a panel of judges along with the loud scream of excitement from hundreds of people in the audience.

“I couldn’t speak when they announced Mugly‘s name. I didn’t know which way to look. I was shaking as much as the dog.” Nicholson was quoted in the report, adding that Mugly is a rescued dog and also won as ugliest dog of Britain back in 2005, and is now a Pets As Therapy Dog working with children.

As noted in the report, Mugly competed against the Ring of Champions, or dogs that have won the world’s ugliest dog title in the past years, including 2002 winner, Rascal, and 2010 winner, Princess Abby, a 4-year-old Japanese chin mix; with this year’s contest hosted by pet psychic Sonya Fitzpatrick.

Below is the video of the said contest and announcement of winner by Thomas M. Harrigan, Sonoma-Marin Fair, Petaluma, California, The World’s Ugliest Dog ® Contest, which is a trademark of Sonoma-Marin Fair, as well as its official website at

2012 World’s Ugliest Dog contest and announcement of winner
Video Credit: SonomaMmarinFair/YouTube/Thomas M. Harrigan

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