World’s smallest puppy Guinness World Record aspirant ‘Beyonce’, smaller than an iPhone (Video)

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A so-called world’s smallest puppy Guinness World Record aspirant named ‘Beyonce‘ of California is notably smaller than an iPhone, as shown in the video below.

‘Beyonce’ puppy, smaller than an iPhone
Image Credit: Lisa Van Dyke/El Dorado
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According to a pdf press release by Grace Foundation on its official website late last week, a female Dachshund mix puppy ‘Beyonce‘ was born on March 8, 2012, and could be the world’s smallest dog.

As noted on the report, ‘Beyonce‘ was so small that she could fit into a spoon when she was born barely alive, was about the size of a business card and a bit smaller than an iPhone when she was 2 weeks old.

As mentioned by Grace Foundation executive director Beth DeCaprio, whose El Dorado Hills organization is taking care of Beyonce, the tiny puppy was able to cheat death four times, three of them even before she was born.

Apparently, her mother Casey gave birth to five puppies and last delivered ‘Beyonce‘, who was born without a heartbeat, but Dr. Michael Russell, the organization’s veterinarian, managed to revive her via chest compressions while Ms. DeCaprio performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

“There is a very fine line when doing rescue — we want all of the animals to survive, but only if they can have a quality life. I would never keep an animal going if they were suffering or if they could not enjoy a good life.” DeCaprio was quoted telling to

Meanwhile, Ms. DeCaprio told the paper they have submitted an application to Guinness World Record in a record attempt for Beyonce to be world’s smallest dog, whose name came from Destiny’s Child‘s hit song “Survivor”, but has not received any feedback yet.

News about world’s smallest puppy Guinness World Record aspirant ‘Beyonce’
Video Credit: ABCNews/YouTube

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