World’s Oldest Man, Jiroemon Kimura Celebrates 115th Birthday (Video)

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Jiroemon Kimura, World's Oldest Man
Jiroemon Kimura, World’s Oldest Man
Image Credit: CBSNews

Jiroemon Kimura, the world’s oldest man, celebrated his 115th birthday on Thursday, April 19, 2012, at his home in Kyotango City, Japan, international news sites reported that day.

According to reports, Kimura was born on April 19, 1897. He was said to have worked at his local post office until he retired at the age of 65. According to The Telegraph, Kimura would have been 6 years old when the Wright brothers flew the first airplane, 72 when Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon and 93 when the World Wide Web came to being.

When asked what the secret of his long life is, Kimura was quoted as saying: “It is all thanks to the grace of God. I have nothing but gratitude for the life I’ve been given.”

Reports said that Kimura has a big family, which consists of 14 grand children, 25 great grand children and 13 great great grand children.

Below is a Youtube video of the oldest man, Jiroemon Kimura, as posted by The Telegraph.

Jiroemon Kimura, World’s Oldest Man
Credit: telegraphtv / Youtube

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