World’s Most Expensive Fish: Giant Bluefin Tuna Sells For a Record $396,000 in Tokyo Market

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Giant Bluefin Tuna
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A Giant Bluefin Tuna caught in Hokkaido, Japan was sold in a Tokyo market for $396,000 on Wednesday, breaking the previous record as the most expensive fish ever sold, according to international sites.

The Giant Bluefin weighs 754 pounds and was sold on Wednesday, February 23, 2011 at the world’s largest wholesale fish market in Tokyo.

The selling price of the tuna corresponds to about $527 per pound.

Yosuke Imada of Kyubei sushi restaurant and Ricky Cheng of Itamae Sushi chain will be sharing the tuna.

Reports say that the Bluefin tuna from the Atlantic and Pacific are mostly preferred by sushi lovers.

Japan consumes more than half of the world’s bluefin catch, making it the world’s biggest seafood consumer.

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