World’s fattest woman aspirant Susanne Eman engaged, to marry chef boyfriend Parker Clack (Photo)

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Susanne Eman of Casa Grande, Arizona, who is aspiring to be the world’s fattest woman, will soon be marrying her boyfriend chef Parker Clack, as shown in the photo below.

World’s fattest woman aspirant Susanne
Eman with fiance chef Parker Clack

Image Credit: Laurentiu Garofeanu/Barcroft USA

As noted at British news sites on Tuesday, March 20, 2012, Susanne Eman, who currently weighs more than 54 stone (756 pounds) is now engaged to Parker Clack, whom she plans to marry soon.

According to reports, Eman has a dream weight of more than 115 stones (1,610 pounds) which will make her the world’s fattest woman, believing that getting married to Clack, who loves cooking will help her reach her goal.

“We are a match made in heaven. I love eating and Parker loves cooking. He can help me reach my goal by feeding me.” Eman, 33, was quoted at The Sun UK, noting that her favorite food that Clack cooks is spaghetti Bolognese.

“I’d love Susanne whatever she looked like, but if she was a size-zero model I wouldn’t have noticed her in the first place.” Parker was quoted at Daily Mail; who now lives with Susanne along with her two sons Gabriel, 17, and Brandon, 13.

“As long as the doctors say she’s okay, I’ll support her.” Parker, 38, added, who reportedly met via the Internet last year and and have been exchanging emails since then, noting that he is every much concern with her health.

“I do worry about her health of course, but I try to make sure she eats some healthy food like salad, and I make sure she does exercises. She’s taken up swimming since we met and we love to swim together.” Parker explained.

World’s fattest woman aspirant Susanne Eman, being fed by chef fiance Parker Clack
Image Credit: Laurentiu Garofeanu/Barcroft USA

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