World’s biggest Christmas cake baked in Germany (Video)

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Apparently, the world’s biggest Christmas cake was said to have been baked in Germany, as published on Metro UK on Wednesday.

According to its report, the stollen Christmas cake which was baked in Germany recently is now being dubbed as the world’s biggest Christmas cake.

The cake was reported to have weighed 4,200 kilos or almost 5 tons and 10 feet long, in which the German bakers took two days to prepare it for the Dresden festival.

“I was very proud that not only was it huge, but it was delicious as well.” Master baker Rene Krause was quoted as saying.

“We cut it into pieces and sold them for charity and we didn’t have a single crumb left by the end of the day.” Krause added.

Below is a raw video of what is now being dubbed as the world’s biggest Christmas cake as it is being paraded in front of spectators during the recent festival in Dresden, Germany.

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