World War II Tunny machine that helped win war, restored

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Tunny machine
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A World War II Tunny machine that helped the Allies unscramble encrypted orders Hitler sent to his generals was restored by the National Museum of Computing, as reported by several international news sites on May 27, 2011.

The success of the Allied operations pivoted on this machine as gathered intelligence were deciphered at Bletchley which in turn provided commanders information of Nazi battle plans, as previous reports confirmed.

It was further revealed through reports that a team led by computer conservationists John Pether and John Whetter started the restoration of the Tunny machine in 2005 and that the rebuilding process posed quite a challenge as most of the materials used are no longer available.

Similar reports quoted Mr. Pether saying, “As far as I know there were no original circuit diagrams left.”

“All we had was a few circuit elements drawn up from memory by engineers who worked on the original,” He adds.

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