World Series may not be Televised on Cablevision

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According to BBC News site report, a conflict is brewing between Cablevision and Fox TV network. If the conflict is not resolve in time, cable customers of Cablevision may not be able to watch the 2010 World Series. The San Francisco Giants are aiming to get their first World Series crown against the Texas Rangers.

The conflict between the two firms, stemmed from the disagreement on the amount to be paid by Cablevision to Fox, the TV firm that has the exclusive rights in the baseball coverage broadcasted to the cable network.

The report also said that Cablevision submitted a new proposal to to Fox which was not agreeable to the TV network. Cablevision offered to pay Fox with the same annual rate given to Time Warner Cable.

For almost a week now, Fox has been shut off the air.

In its latest offer Cablevision, which has three million subscribers, said it was willing to pay the same rate as rival Time Warner Cable in a one-year deal. According to Cablevision, their offer is higher than any other rate given to other TV networks.

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