World of Warcraft Sale: WoW Battle Chest 75% Off This Week

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Blizzard Entertainment, creators of the Warcraft, StarCraft and Diablo game franchises announced that the World of Warcraft Battle Chest would be on sale for US $5 at the Blizzard Store for a limited amount of time this week.

WoW Battle Chest Sale
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As announced in the and websites over the weekend, the World of Warcraft Battle Chest will be sold at 75% off the original price of US $19.99.

The World of Warcraft Battle Chest includes the World of Warcraft complete game (vanilla), The Burning Crusade expansion set, The Wrath of the Lich King expansion set, 1 month World of Warcraft game time and 256-Page Beginner’s Guide from Brady Games. The 5-dollar WoW Battle Chest is available as a digital download from the Blizzard Store.

Blizzard successfully released the World of Warcraft Mist of Pandaria expansion  last September 25, 2012 and this WoW Battle Chest sale will be a welcome news for new World of Warcraft players.

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