World of Reptiles in New York Closed, Cobra on the Loose

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Egyptian Cobra
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The Worlds of Reptiles exhibit has closed due to a cobra which is on the loose. New York Bronx Zoo keepers had warned the public and had decided to close the exhibit until the venomous snake is found.  New York news sites reported March 27, 2011.

The cobra measures 20 inches only, which is small compared to its maximum adult length which is 5 to 8 feet.  The venom however is fatal causing nervous system dysfunction, cardiac and respiratory failure; and many other complications.

The Egyptian cobra, which is the specie of the snake, is considered the deadliest of snakes.

The zoo keepers hope to catch it when it gets hungry enough to come out of its hiding place in search of food. Meanwhile the reptile exhibit is closed for the safety of everyone until the cobra is caught.

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