World Day Communications 2011 Message: Pope Benedict XVI reminds Catholics to behave online

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Rome, Italy – Although the celebration of the 45th World Day of Social Communications will be on June 5, Pope Benedict XVI reminded all Catholics on Sunday to behave online and when joining social networks.

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According to the Pope’s message published on on Sunday, the new technologies particularly the Internet and social networks are not only changing the way people communicate but the communication itself.

However, the Pope pointed out that the younger generation should know how to use this new technology properly and be aware of the possible consequences for their actions online.

Later, Pope Benedict XVI strongly suggested that Catholics should be more responsible in sharing information and be cautious when inviting new friends in the virtual world that may affect the real-life relationships.

Below is the excerpt of the message of Pope Benedict XVI on Sunday, January 24, 2011, feast of St. Francis de Sales, the patron saint of writers and journalists.

“New horizons are now open that were until recently unimaginable; they stir our wonder at the possibilities offered by these new media and, at the same time, urgently demand a serious reflection on the significance of communication in the digital age.

If used wisely, they can contribute to the satisfaction of the desire for meaning, truth and unity which remain the most profound aspirations of each human being.

Their ever greater involvement in the public digital forum, created by the so-called social networks, helps to establish new forms of interpersonal relations, influences self-awareness and therefore inevitably poses questions not only of how to act properly, but also about the authenticity of one’s own being.

The new technologies allow people to meet each other beyond the confines of space and of their own culture, creating in this way an entirely new world of potential friendships. This is a great opportunity, but it also requires greater attention to and awareness of possible risks.”

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