World Cup 2010 Psychic Octopus, Paul, Gets His Own Memorial at the Sea Life Center

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World Cup 2010 psychic octopus, Paul, gets his own memorial at the Sea Life Center on January 21, 2011. According to International Science sites, the octopus that had predicted correctly the outcome of all Germany’s games during the World Cup 2010 is recognized by this memorial.

Paul, the octopus died last October, and had been remembered because of his extraordinary predictions.  Paul predicted the winning team by opening the winning team’s box first, and he was proven right every time.

He became a world-wide celebrity that some countries even stepped forward to claim that Paul originated from their shores. His death has put a stop to all the claims he was obtaining worldwide.

Paul, the octopus however, has become an icon in soccer that a memorial is in order. The memorial has Paul’s 7- foot replica with a soccer ball.  His ashes are in a golden urn inside the soccer ball.

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