World’s oldest bulb still working after 110 years (Video)

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The world’s oldest bulb, installed in California, is known to be still working after 110 years, as shown in the video below.

world’s oldest bulb in California
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According to US news sites on Wednesday, June 15, 2011, the world’s oldest bulb as declared previously by the Guinness World Records is still burning.

According to reports, the world’s oldest light bulb was a gift from a businessman in 1901 and was installed in a fire station in Livermore, California.

“Nobody knows how it’s possible. It is a 60 watt bulb and it’s only turned on for about four watts but nobody knows why it keeps burning.” Light Bulb Centennial Committee chairman Lynn Owens said on the video.

“We’ve had scientists from all over the country look at this light bulb. Of course nobody has ever been able to touch this it,” Owens added.

With the exception of a short period in 1903, a week in 1937 and some power outages between then and 1976, the light bulb was said to be continuously been on.

Incidentally, the world’s oldest light bulb will celebrate its 110th-year of burning on Saturday, June 18, 2011.

World’s oldest bulb still working after 110 years
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