World’s first anti-LASER device invented

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The world’s first anti-laser device was said to have been invented by US scientists recently, and is being carefully studied for possible use for optical computing, as published on international news sites on Thursday.

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Photo credit: Yidong Chong/Yale University

According to the reports, two scientists at Yale University have built a device that could actually do the opposite of LASER, or Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

A laser device, in common language, emits a constant beam of light in a coherent direction, which means the beam is made of light waves with a single frequency and amplitude.

Therefore, this anti-laser device takes that same constant light stream and absorbs energy with a very minimal amount of it being escaped, where Science Journal reported that it could absorb about 99.4% of light for a specific wavelength.

“I figured, if we just somehow illuminated the cavity, and replaced the gain medium with something that tends to absorb light, we could essentially reverse the process,” Douglas Stone was quoted as saying, who was one of the two researchers of the project.

Actually, there were other researchers have created similar devices earlier, which are called coherent perfect absorbers, but Mr. Stone said that new this anti-laser device have revealed a new process that works; time reversal.

Apparently, time reversal here means a process can be rewind or undo through reverse mathematics, which in this case, by changing a plus sign to a minus sign so that the energy absorbed by the anti-laser is equal to the energy produced by a laser.

Meanwhile, scientists believe that this anti-laser device may be used in the future for optical computing, which means the next breed of electronic components may be produced using light instead of electrons.

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