World’s Fattest 4-Year-Old Toddler Lu Zhi-hao Of China Offered Free Treatment In Hong Kong

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Lu Zhi-hao
Image Credit: Daily Telegraph

A four-year-old boy, weighing 62 kilograms, from China is being dubbed by Chinese media as China’s “no. 1 fat kid”, as reported earlier by international news sites.

Lu Zhi-hao, known as Xiao Hao, or “Little Hao,” was born with a normal weight but started to get bigger when he was three months old. He has been taken by his parents to Hong Kong to find out the reason for his obesity. According to the doctors, the toddler gained weight due to bad eating habits.

A Hong Kong weight-loss center offered free weight-loss treatment for the boy. The center will use a non-intrusive Japanese technology to help the body break down fat.

The doctors warned that Xiao Hao’s obesity will become life-threatening by the time he reaches the age of 20.

Xiao Hao‘s parents, who have normal weights and no family history of obesity are now waiting for a permit to travel to Hong Kong and hope to accompany the obese child soon. The couple have started to cut down the child’s regular three bowls of rice per meal to just only one bowl.

According to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 20 percent of the population in some Chinese cities are now obese.

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