Woolly Mammoth Video A Little Fishy

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The alleged woolly mammoth video that was captured by a Russian government engineer shows a little fishy, according to LiveScience reports.

The video points several suspicious aspects that questioned its validity. Many viewers believed that the video is a complete hoax due to a fact that the man posted the video, Michael Cohen, is a paranormal enthusiast. He has been involved with several other videos of UFO’s and other phenomena that are of questionable authenticity, reports said.

The length of the video was also questioned which is only 10 seconds long and it was said to be unbelievable for someone to stop filming a woolly mammoth in such very short period of time.

“The brevity of the video also casts suspicion on its validity. The video is less than 10 seconds long, and ends well before the animal reaches the near shore. It’s hard to imagine that a nearby person wouldn’t notice a woolly mammoth until it started walking across the river, and it’s even more unbelievable that the anonymous cameraman would inexplicably stop filming after 10 seconds,” as quoted from LiveScience.

In addition to this, the video is blurry and some speculate that the woolly mammoth may have been digitally inserted.

“Even low-resolution cameras can focus fairly well on something. But there’s really nothing in this video in focus. The rocks in the foreground have a blur to them that doesn’t seem natural,” Derek Serra, a Hollywood video-effects artist was quoted saying in an article.

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