Woolly Mammoth Found Perfectly Preserved in Siberia (Video)

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Woolly Mammoth in Siberia

Woolly Mammoth found in Siberia
Image Credit: ABC News

A perfectly preserved woolly mammoth was discovered by scientists in northern Siberia. The woolly mammoth was believed to be 10,000 years old, according to reports by several international news sites on Thursday, April 5, 2012.

The scientists named their newly found woolly mammoth as “Yuka.” The woolly mammoth reportedly has a strawberry blond hair and its footpads are still very much intact, however, some of its bones are missing.

Reports say that scientists were looking for ancient tusks when they uncovered the nearly perfectly preserved woolly mammoth. Based on the remains, scientists explained that the woolly mammoth died when it was only 3 to 4 years old..

As of posting, scientists are still studying the wolly mammoth‘s cause of death.

Below is a Yahoo Trending Now video of the Woolly Mammoth found in Siberia.

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