Wonder Woman is Adrianne Palicki from Friday Night Lights

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Adrianne Palicki
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The new Wonder Woman is Adrianne Palicki of the TV series “Friday Night Lights.”

Entertainment news sites revealed on February 16, 2011 that Palicki will be working closely with David Kelley, writer and creator of the TV series adaptation to come up with a credible Diana Prince–Wonder Woman portrayal.

This comes with the assumption that people will usually remember Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman. Carter was the only actress who had played the role of the powerful heroine.

When Carter was asked about what advice she would give Palicki, she replied that she will not be offering any advice because Palicki is a “good actress.”

Lynda Carter
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Adrianne Palicki portrays Tyra Collete in “Friday Night Lights” and has also played Jessica Moore in “Supernatural.”  She also starred in films like “Legion,” “Red Dawn” and “Women in Trouble.

Just like Lynda Carter, Palicki has been a beauty queen; Carter as Miss World USA 1972 and Palicki as Homecoming Queen.

Wonder Woman is a sexily-clad crime-fighter who has superpowers to outsmart and bring criminals to justice.

The other characters in the TV series include Etta and Steve Trevor, who may act as the love interest of Wonder Woman.

Carter is optimistic that Palicki would give justice to the role because, according to her, Palicki is talented, beautiful and is a good actress.

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