Women Soldiers: Are They Ready for Rigorous Combat Duty?

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Women soldiers are now being tapped to undertake an active role in combat duty, because certain experts say that physical strength is no longer the focus of existing combat warfare but modern technology and the knowledge on how to operate them.  This is according to International News sites January 24, 2011.

Most countries accept women soldiers. In Israel, China, Libya, Taiwan and North Korea, women are drafted into the army. Canada, Norway, Spain and Australia allow women in their submarines. In the U.S., since 1948 women soldiers were legally accepted but up to now, they are not allowed on combat duty in zones where rigorous physical encounters with the enemy are expected.  Just like the U.K. women are not also allowed in submarines and in close physical encounters with the enemy. This has slowed down the promotion of women in their military careers.

The biologic nature of women, being physically weaker in muscular strength and bone structure, has prevented them from participating actively in combat missions. The fear of the military top brass that they may also be physically abused and tortured when captured has contributed to the decision. Some quarters argue however, that women can handle more emotional stress than men.

Because of the concept of equality, certain quarters in the U.S. are now advocating that women soldiers are as good as their male counterpart in any military position. The Pentagon though, thinks otherwise and wants to concentrate first in the implementation of its “gay policy” program before considering women soldiers in the forefront for combat duties. A thorough study of the proposition for women occupying key military combat positions however will be released on March, 2011.

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