Woman’s $18K mistake causes her to overpay her $18 Southwest Gas bill

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A woman’s $18K mistake has caused to overpay her bill to Southwest Gas, which led her to financial trouble. This is after she accidentally added an extra zero while paying online for her gas bill last month. Nevertheless, the gas company later said that the excess money she paid will be returned to her soon.

woman $18k gas bill

Debra Tupper, talking to Fox about her
$18K mistake on her gas bill

Image Credit: Fox 10 News video

As reported at Fox 10 News on Friday, November 2, 2012, Debra Tupper, a hairstylist in Anthem, Arizona, made a mistake while making an online payment for her Southwest Gas bill. She was supposed to pay $18.29 only, but she entered $18,069 instead, an error that she admitted and could happen to anyone.

“The first person I spoke to with Southwest Gas informed me that they would look into it and it would be credited to my account. I don’t know who would use $18,000 in gas in a lifetime — it certainly wouldn’t be me. I live alone. I’m single.” Ms. Tupper told the report, with her bank being emptied for nearly three weeks.

“I have no money in my accounts. I’m getting overdrafts. I can’t pay any of my bills. I got a loan — a personal loan from a girlfriend — just to keep my accounts…have some living money.” She added, warning everyone to be extra careful when paying online bills, as a simple mistake like hers could be so stressful.

However, the report said later that Southwest Gas spokeswoman Amy Washburn has sent a statement to them, saying that the company sympathizes with the woman, and that they have already talked to her; and told her that they are doing their best to return her excess payment, as soon as possible.

“We are pleased that all funds are expected to be returned to the customer within the next few business days. As always, Southwest Gas is committed to delivering exceptional safety, service and reliability to our customers and the communities we serve.” A statement from the gas company reads on the report.

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