Woman Who Found Nearly $10,000 in a Purse with No Identification, Gets Back Half of Unclaimed Money

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ABC news
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A woman who found nearly $10,000 in Amarillo, Texas earlier this year, and who had decided to turn it over to the city, received only half of the money. According to ABC TV news, March 29, 2012, the purse had no identification whatsoever but the woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, still decided to turn it over.

Reportedly, the city however did not give back all the $9,705 to the woman even after no one had claimed it.

ABC news showed a friend saying that since she found it, it is hers. When it is considered lost money, the rule, “Finders, keepers” should apply. Abandoned money however, means the city keeps it.

The woman however, received only half of the $9,705 and the other half went to the Airport’s funds, because the city disagreed.

Woman Who Found nearly $10,000 gets back half

Video Credit: ABC/Pronews/YouTube

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