Woman loses 222 pounds; Aimee Smith is once 427 lbs, now a triathlete (Video)

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A woman loses 222 pounds and is now triathlete, after realizing that she really needs to lose her weight. Aimee Smith of Wisconsin, who earlier thought being overweight is not a serious problem, recently shared her weight loss journey to inspire others, as shown in the video below.

Aimee Smith before after losing 222 lbs

Aimee Smith, before and after losing 222 pounds
Image Credit: Aimee Smith/WKOW/ABC

As noted at ABC News on Wednesday, January 16, 2013, Aimee Smith was already weighing 300 pounds but she did not think her weight could be dangerous until she gave birth to her second child via C-section. Two years ago, her weight reached to an astonishing 427 pounds, and has become almost hopeless.

Smith, 44, said that she underwent a gastric bypass surgery, and has now completely changed her lifestyle. She admits of sacrificing a lot doing diet and regular exercise. And interestingly, she started all by herself, until she became a triathlete and has lost weight that is almost half of her previous body weight.

“My knees hurt, my back hurt. I had high blood pressure. I was pre-diabetic. I was going down a bad path. I’m sure carrying around 400 pounds wasn’t doing my health any favors.” Smith was quoted as saying, noting that she later decided to work with a health coach who helped her to a healthier way of eating.

“In high school I probably would have been voted least likely to do something athletic if there was such an award. I’ve lost so much weight that when I went back for my 25th reunion recently, no one recognized me. They thought my husband was the one who was in their class!” Smith added.

During her struggle to lose weight, Smith signed up for a “couch to 5k” program and took it twice. She learned to swim for the first time, rides a bikes and run, until she entered triathlons. She has already completed two triathlons and two half marathons, and is now training for a marathon this May.

Story of Aimee Smith, before and after losing 222 pounds
Video Credit: WKOW/ABC

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