Woman gives birth to grandson in Athens, Georgia (Photo)

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Angela Stockton, a Georgia woman, gives birth to her own grandson named Tucker Landry Saxon, and served as gestational carrier for her daughter, Krista Saxon, who is not capable of conceiving a baby. Stockton is reportedly the first woman in the state to give birth to a grandchild.

Angela Stockton Krista Saxon baby

Krista Saxon (left), cuddling her baby and her mother
Angela Stockton, who gave birth to her own grandson

Image Credit: OnlineAthens/AthensBanner-Herald

According to Online Athens on Thursday, October 11, 2012, which was believed to be the first to report about the news, Angela Stockton gave birth on Saturday, October 6, at Athens ReOnline Athensgional Medical Center. Tucker weighs 7 pounds and 12 ounces, and is the fourth baby born by a grandmother.

As noted in the report, Krista Saxon said that her gynecologist told her in December 2010 about her possibility of not being able to get pregnant. That triggered her to think of other options including finding a gestational carrier, which differs from being a surrogate mother since it uses a fertilized egg from the mother.

“She is the greatest mom that anyone could ever ask for, and because of her compassion and love for her child, she has given me and my husband the greatest gift of all, our son. I’m not sure how we would have gotten through all of this without her.” Krista Saxon was quoted telling to the paper.

“My mama being the gestational carrier means everything to us. If you have to have a gestational carrier, you want someone you trust completely and know will do everything right to take care of your child along the way, and what better person than my mama.” Saxon added, who is also fourth grandmother in the US to give birth for her daughter.

“It’s been 26 years since I’ve been pregnant. I’ve forgot a lot of things. So she had to tell me what to expect. It’s funny because she’s the one who ended up with a lot of the pregnancy symptoms. As a mother, that’s something I wanted to do,” Stockton, 46, was quoted telling to Fox Atlanta in a later interview.

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