Witch Tax In Romania Drew Mixed Reactions

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According to international news reports, witches in Romania, along with astrologers, valets, models and fortune tellers, are officially named in the classification of professional trades by the government. This means that they may have to declare their income and pay taxes.

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According to the government’s website, the new law is part of their effort to fight and prevent tax evasion. Astrologers and witches have mixed reactions.

Astrologers think that taxing them will not help boost the government’s budget. “Astrologers are seen as riddles, like wizards and so on. Most astrologers do things with passion. So, perhaps the government will get more passion than money, because not so many people come to the astrologer,” astrologer Maria Sarbu was quoted saying.

A witch named Alisia said the new tax law is foolish. “What is there to tax, when we hardly earn anything?” she said.

Meanwhile, witch Bratara Buzea has this to say: “The people who run this country lead it with their head upside down. Yes, I agree, let them open witches practices for us, to test everyone of us, see what one can do. We do need a pension too, after all. If you give something, you got to get back something. It’s not the state who taught us witchcraft. There’s no school where you can learn witchcraft.”

Buzea added that they will cast a curse on lawmakers if they are forced to pay income taxes. “It’s a little spell made of some dog feces together with a little pinch of soil and black pepper,” Buzea was quoted saying.

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