Wisconsin Protest Draws Thousands of People on 6th Day: Gov. Walker Not Giving In

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Wisconsin Protest
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The Wisconsin protest draws more people on its 6th Day, with no sign of Governor Scott Walker budging an inch from his standpoint, news sites report on February 19, 2011. Gov. Walker is proposing a budget bill that would curtail the collective bargaining rights of labor workers. If approved, the bill would help in balancing the State’s budget.

Some senators left to avoid voting for the bill, as the Wisconsin protesters at the Capitol increased by number every day. Unless a side gives in, then it may be a protest or revolution that can be likened to several mid-east countries that are now experiencing similar occurrences.

The protest is transmitting an invisible message to the union workers in Ohio, Indiana and other States that have strong labor unions. There are supporters of the budget bill as well, but they are outnumbered by those who are against the proposal.

Sarah Palin advised the union workers to “tighten their belts” instead and “to sacrifice.”  But apparently the labor unions are not giving up, either. On the other hand, Jesse Jackson encouraged the protesters to air their grievances in the Wisconsin protest,  because according to him,  “for too long workers have been too silent.”

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