Wisconsin Pileup: Two Different Incident Of Massive Pileup In Wisconsin Reported

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A huge Wisconsin pileup was captured on camera around 11 am on a snowy Sunday, December 8, 2013 that occured in Germantown.

The Department of Transportation in Wisconsin released the traffic video footage showing the massive pileup that happened on Highways 41 and 45 just south of Lannon Road. Around 50 cars were involved in the crash, according to various international news report.

The Wisconsin traffic video footage shows several vehicles traveling too fast despite the hazardous driving conditions caused by the heavy snow.

Wisconsin Department of Transportation said on its Facebook page that some motorists were seen getting out of their cars with the desire to make sure that everyone is safe – is extremely dangerous. As seen on the video, those people who get out of their cars were nearly hit as cars continue to collide.

“You see people getting out of their cars — with the desire to make sure others were OK — but this is extremely dangerous. The video shows many people nearly hit by vehicles,” as quoted onĀ Wisconsin Department of Transportation‘s Facebook page.

Meanwhile, law enforcement said that there were few minor enjuries noted in that pileup, but no major injuries were reported despite the massive numbers of vehicles that crashed.

Here is the video footage of the massive pileup that happened in Germantown, Wisconsin.

Video Credit: YouTube/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Inc
On the other hand, another massive pileup involving 40 cars were reported few miles away on the same highway near Main Street in Menomonee Falls.

A certain 67-year-old man from Franklin reportedly did not survive in that pileup that occurred around 11:15 am on that same day.

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