Winter Storm: US Bracing for Winter Blizzards

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Heavy winter storms hit many parts of the US Monday, February 21. The storm blew the region over the US Presidents’ Day long weekend. As reported by US sites, the intense blizzard covered many roads with ice which made it very risky for travelers.

Because of the heavy snowfall, US officials have issued a winter storm warning to advise the public to stay away from roads if possible and to cancel their non-essential travels. The very low visibility and winds sweeping across the Midwest and Northwest make it risky for commuters.

In Minneapolis, local officials are in steady anticipation for up to 18 inches of snow.  Michigan has already experienced around 10 inches of snow since midday of Sunday. Together with the snowfall, meteorologists still expects freezing rain and heavy sleet to accompany the devastating weather condition.

Meanwhile, the protesters in Madison, Wisconsin who have rallied for nearly week now kept out of the Capitol because of the snow and rain. The heavy winter storm left the central part with 10-12 inches of snow.

According to the Weather Channel meteorologist, Mark Ressler, the Northern part of US is still anticipation for second winter storm which still gaining strength. Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland expects a foot of snow while New Jersey and Northern Virginia are on their way to 6 inch-high blizzard.

Due to the strong winter storm, there were already thousands of flights cancelled in Midwest and Northwest US which accounts for millions of dollar loss to the airline industries. With the increasing economic loses of the adverse weather condition, many are recalling one of the largest storms that hit the US in the 1950’s which left millions of Americans dismayed and powerless.

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