Windows 8: Microsoft Demonstration at D9 Conference Revealed Fully Touched-Optimized Browsing

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Windows 8
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Windows 8 is the new innovation coming from Microsoft as they demonstrated the technology at the D9 Conference in Washington. This was disclosed by the Microsoft News Center, June 1, 2011.

Microsoft revealed that Windows 8 has a touch screen feature not only in tablets but also in PCs where the user can use a mouse or the touch screen capability. The company also stated that:

“Windows 8 extends these innovations and reimagines every level of the Windows architecture-the kernel, networking, storage, devices, and user interface- all building on the broadest and richest ecosystem of software, peripherals and devices.”

The Corporate Vice President of Windows Experience, Julie Larson, further said that that Windows 8 has fast launching, multi-tasking capabilities, up dated apps, HTML5 and Java script which are web connected, and a “fully-touched optimized browsing” with Internet Explorer 10.

Reportedly Microsoft will get Windows 8 ready soon for testing.

Windows 8
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