Willing Willie Show Welcomes Shalani Soledad

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Shalani Soledad
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Tonight’s TV5 telecast of Willing Willie game show is the first appearance of Shalani Soledad as the new co-host of Willie Revillame.

After the opening number of Willie, he introduced Shalani Soledad to the audience and was warmly welcomed by the crowd. As seen on TV, the soft-spoken Shalani thanked everyone for welcoming her in the show.

However, Shalani‘s trait being a soft-spoken one cannot be hidden by the way she host the show. Unlike Willie‘s former co-hosts in Wowowee like Valerie, Pokwang and Mariel, Shalani does not seem to know how to interact with the audience and make the show get loud and lively.

Do you think TV5 and Willie Revillame made the right decision in getting Shalani to co-host the show?

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