Willie Revillame Needs To Follow Work Ethics

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ABS-CBN finally aired out their statement regarding Willie Revillame’s claim of shutting Wowowee off.

During Willie Revillame’s press conference he announced his intention of finally ending his contract with the Kapamilya Network for reasons that the said network did not follow what was agreed and written on the contract.

ABS-CBN denied Willie’s claim that his come back date in Wowowee would supposed to be July 31, 2010. It is not ABS-CBN who would want him to come back soon but Willie himself. According to Ms. Linggit Tan, Senior Vice-President for TV entertainment production, Willie Revillame’s suspension would end until August 24, 2010 and it was clearly written on Willie’s talent agreement form.

In addition, Ms. Linggit Tan did not agree on some demands of Willie like ousting all his lady hosts when he returns. Willie also demanded that he should be paid for his talent fee during his suspension. Ms. Linggit Tan said that discussion between the management and Willie are not yet over since they still need to discuss a lot of things, that needs to be fixed.

ABS-CBN believes that Willie Revillame still need to accept and practice the values and work ethics of the company before he returns on television. What they wished and intend is to continue Wowowee, however, due to Willie’s action the goodwill of the program was ruined.

Here’s the video pronouncement of Ms. Linggit Tan courtesy of Youtube.

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