Will Smith’s trailer “The Heat” complained by NYC residents, ordered to be moved away (Photo)

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Will Smith’s trailer, nicknamed “The Heat“, as shown in the photo below, was complained by SoHo residents, and was ordered to be moved away.

Will Smith’s trailer “The Heat”
Image Credit: John Barrett/Globe

As noted at US news sites on Wednesday, May 11, residents in SoHo in New York City as well as shoppers complained to the city officials about Will Smith’s trailer, which was parked at Broome and Greene streets.

Will Smith, who is currently filming “Men in Black III“, received tons of complaints from a lot of residents in the area, saying that they are disgusted and bothered by his huge double-decker trailer.

“It’s ridiculous! I’ve lived here 26 years, and I’ve never seen anything this size,” A resident named Myrna Reisman was quoted as telling New York Post on Wednesday, who lives very near where Will Smith parked his gigantic trailer.

“How would Will Smith feel if I parked that thing out in front of his house?” Reisman added, noting that their area is a residential neighborhood and not a parking lot.

“This is killing our business,” Anessa Rahman told the report, who is the co-owner of nearby Greene Street Antiques, which she claims their business store is being covered by Smith’s trailer.

Apparently, reports said that the “Men in Black” actor is renting a five-bedroom apartment for $25,000 a month located less than a mile away, but Smith noted that he want all of his needs in the film shoot be near him.

Will Smith’s trailer was said to be about 1,150 square feet and a complete house with a kitchen, bar and movie suite with 100-inch screen, office rooms, luxurious bedroom and weighs about 30 tons, which the actor is renting for $9,000 a week.

City officials told reports that Smith’s trailer is not violating any law despite occupying a very large space in the street, but still ordered the actor to move it away.

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