White Humpback Whale Video Taken During Rare Sighting Off the Coast of Norway

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White Humpback Whale Image

White Humpback Whale
Image Credit: Dan Fisher

A rare white humpback whale has been sighted off the coast of Norway by Dan Fisher, a British Maritime engineer, according to a Daily Mail report on Thursday, November 15, 2012.

The white humpback whale encounter by the 32-year-old Fisher reportedly happened while he was on a boat trip towards Svalbard in Norway.

Daily Mail compared the white humpback whale to Moby Dick, the famous whale in the novel by American author Herman Melville.

Fisher was able to take several pictures of the white whale and earlier posted by the Daily Mail.

Previous sightings of the white humpback whale include Migaloo, an all-white humpback whale that migrates along the eastern coast of Australia and the 2011 white humpback whale calf spotted near the Great Barrier Reef in northern Queensland.

Below is the white humpback whale video taken off the coast of Norway.

White Humpback Whale video
Video Credit: Daily Mail

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