Whaling Shipwreck Of Two Brothers Linked to Moby-Dick Found In Hawaii

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Whaling shipwreck of Two Brothers that is linked to Herman Melville‘s Moby-Dick was found at French Frigate Shoals in the remote Papahnaumokuakea Marine National Monument, according to a National Geographic report on Friday, February 11, 2011. The whaling ship has been missing since 1823 in a remote area in the Pacific reef.

Image Credit: National Geographic

The captain of Two Brothers was Nantucket native George Pollard Jr.. Before Two Brothers, Pollard’s first whaling ship, the Essex, was rammed by a sperm whale and sank in 1820. Two Brothers started sailing in November 1821. The whaling ship hit a shallow reef in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands and broke apart on February 11, 1823. All the ship’s crew were rescued but the sinking of Two Brothers ended Pollard’s career as whaling captain. Pollard is known as Jonah in Nantucket due to his two ship misfortunes.

The discovery of the Two Brothers shipwreck is considered as the first of a wrecked whaler from Nantucket, Massachusetts—the birthplace of the U.S. whaling industry.

During the 1820s to the 1840s, Nantucket was the home of several whaling ships where whaling crews looked for whales species for their blubber. These were in turn boiled down to get oil that can be used in just about everythign that include lamps, perfume and machine lubricants. Whale oil is so valuable during those times that led to uncontrollable whale hunting. The whaling industry boosted the Hawaii’s economy in 1819.

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