Whale Fossils in Desert Discovered by Scientist of Smithsonian Institute (Video)

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Whale fossils in desert of Chile

Whale fossils in desert of Chile
Image: Paleontological Museum of Caldera, Atacama

Whale fossils in desert with about 20 “perfectly intact skeletons” were found in the middle of the Atacama Desert in Chile by a team of scientists from the Smithsonian Institute. Careful retrieval of the fossils is now being handled by Chile’s Paleontological Museum of Caldera.

The fossils of ancient sea mammals, found side-by-side, is now puzzling scientists as they uncovered it thousands of feet away from the Pacific Ocean. Atacama Desert is reportedly one of the world’s driest area.

Reports by several international news sites say that several ancient whale fossils were found and that include one as big as a bus. The location and position of the whales suggests that all of them died about the same time.

Scientists estimates the fossils to be between 2 million and 7 million years old. Among the whale species found were adult and juvenile baleen whales, walrus-whale, an extinct sperm whale, an extinct dolphin, and maybe a seal or sea lion.

Below is a YouTube video uploaded by the TheTurkeyNews that provides more information about the whale fossils in desert of Chile.

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