Westminster Dog Show 2012 Best in Show winner is Pekingese Palacegarden Malachy (Photo)

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Palacegarden Malachy, a Pekingese dog, as shown in the photo below, was named Best in Show at the Westminster Dog Show 2012 (WKC) on Tuesday, February 14, 2012, held at the Madison Square Garden in New York.

Pekingese Palacegarden Malachy
Image Credit: Seth Wenig/AP

As noted at WestminsterKennelClub.org on Tuesday night, Palacegarden Malachy won its first Best in Show award in the annual Westminster Kennel Club dog show, his 115th Best in Show ribbons so far.

As reported earlier, Malachy, 4-years old, whose pink tongue is peeking out from his black face, and is owned by New Yorker Iris Love, Sandra Middlebrooks and David Fitzpatrick, also won the Best of Toys at the 136th Westminster Kennel Club dog show.

According to reports, the 2012 Best in Show winner was chosen by WKC dog show judge Cindy Vogels among the seven finalists, which were picked from 2,000 breeds of dog entries including six new dog breeds.

Meanwhile, other dog winners that night include Emily the Irish Setter who won Best in Sporting Group and Martha Stewart‘s Chow Chow named “Genghis Khan” who won the Best of Breed prize.

Pekingese Palacegarden Malachy, being awarded as the Westminster Dog Show 2012 Best in Show winner
Image Credit: WestminsterKennelClub.org

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