Wendy’s Natural Cut Fries Beats McDonald’s Fries In US Consumer Taste Test (Video)

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Wendy’s Natural Cut Fries
Image Credit: Wendy’s

Wendy‘s natural cut fries has challenged McDonald‘s fries as it claims to get the nod of US consumers based on a national taste test launched last November 2010 and released this week, according to several international sites.

Ken Calwell, Wendy‘s chief marketing officer, said in a statement that Wendy‘s is “taking on the giant – McDonald‘s.”

A US-wide taste test results showed, that 56 percent of consumers preferred Wendy‘s natural cut fries against the 39 percent of respondents who go for McDonald‘s, while the rest of those who voted had no preferences

According to Calwell, Wendy‘s “re-engineered” the recipe of its fries in 2010 and came up with fries made from Russet potatoes with the skin on, cooked in a proprietary oil and sprinkled with sea salt.

Wendy‘s claimed that fries sales went up by 16 percent in December 2010 as compared from previous year.

In the 2010 Zagat reader survey, McDonald‘s was chosen as the Best French Fries at a fast-food chain. Rounding up the top five includes Five Guys, In-N-Out Burger, Wendy‘s and Burger King.

Reports say that Wendy‘s has about 6,500 restaurants worldwide.

Below is Wendy‘s Natural Cut Fries Commercial video uploaded by wendys on YouTube.

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