Wellcome Image Awards 2011 Winners (Photos)

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The Wellcome Images is the world’s leading source of images of medicine and its history. On February 23, 2011, Wellcome Images presented its 11th Wellcome Image Awards winners where it recognized creators of the most striking and technically excellent images acquired by the Wellcome Images picture library in the past 18 months.

The Wellcome Image Awards winners were carefully chosen by a panel of judges including Alice Roberts (anatomist, author and science broadcaster), Adam Rutherford (science writer and presenter), Fergus Walsh (medical correspondent at the BBC) and Eric Hilaire (Picture Editor at the ‘Guardian’). Twenty extraordinary images were chosen and one animation was announced at Wellcome Collection in London as winners.

Special awards were also given to David Bishop for his Laparoscopy surgery photograph and to Fernan Federici and Lionel Dupuy for their fluorescent micrograph showing cell division and gene expression in plant cells.

According to its press release, “this year’s winners have used techniques ranging from clinical photography to brain tractography to capture the wonder of medicine and the life sciences in all of their glorious splendor.”

Here are some the winning photos for the 11th Wellcome Image Awards for the year 2011.

Wellcome Image Awards 2011 winners
Image Credit: Spike Walker/Wellcome Images Library
This photomicrograph shows an adult ruby-tailed wasp curled into a ball. Chrysis ignita is the most commonly observed of several species of the ruby-tailed wasp. The wasp was lit with two electronic flashes while imaging to highlight the natural iridescent colours on its body.

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